Communicating Bad News to Employees

The Communicating Bad News to Employees tool contains questions and tips to help organize your thoughts when crafting a message to employees regarding a negative or troubling event.  This tool provides a tipsheet with questions and suggestions and a worksheet for recording notes and thoughts to help organize the communication.


Answering employee questions about crisis

What happens when an employee asks a manager questions about the crisis? The manager may feel uncomfortable answering the questions and the employee might walk away with doubts. We designed this exercise to provide managers with an opportunity to practice answering common questions about crisis in a safe environment, so they are comfortable when confronted with real employee queries.


Covid-19 does not discriminate

A Learning Network Video (2 minutes) and Tool 

COVID-19 has created fear and anxiety in all of us.  On the front lines we worry about our health and those we love while caring for those in the communities we serve.

As we search to understand our fears, we can find ourselves or others behaving uncharacteristically even unexpectedly.  We are experiencing extraordinary trials and ask that you help preserve the safety of our diverse community.

Watch this short video to understand how to help avoid unconscious discrimination and bias against certain communities. We are all in this TOGETHER! Use the tool to create awareness within your teams.


Leadership checklist for mitigating team stress

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Use this checklist to help mitigate team stress.