Leading Virtual Teams

Goebase video (10 minutes)

This video assists leaders in more effectively leading and managing their virtual team. Tools mentioned in this video are available for download below.


  • Understand the challenges associated with leading virtual teams and how to overcome them

  • Gain a few insights about launching a virtual team, choosing technology, building trust, and conducting periodic check-ins to enhance team performance


What actions can a virtual team leader take to enhance their effectiveness as a leader? This tool provides suggestions for leaders of virtual teams to help them learn "how" to manage when they can't physically interact with their team.


As a result of the crisis, a few new virtual teams will be formed. 
The Establishing a Virtual Team - Quick Start Guide tool is designed to help leaders of virtual teams establish and communicate during the first meeting the purpose, roles, expectations, and procedures the team will follow. It also assists virtual team leaders to develop common expectations or norms for their team regarding meetings, information sharing, and how to manage their communications. How effectively a virtual team performs is often dependent on how well they understand each other's roles and the expectations that the team has for each member.