Crisis Leadership

TEDx  Video (18 minutes)

Dr Gregory Ciottone is an American traumatologist and an internationally renowned expert in trauma medicine, disaster medicine and healthcare education, whose services have been employed in more than 30 countries all over the world.
In this TEDx talk, Dr. Ciottone describes his personal experience while leading the first federal disaster medical assistance teams into Ground Zero during the World Trade Center disaster on 9/11/2001. He describes how he dealt with emotional toll and found the focus to lead in overwhelming circumstances.


How to Lead Through a Crisis

Center for Creative Leadership Article (10 minutes)

When faced with a crisis, most leaders are forced to think and behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. Crises demand that leaders take an emergency response plan and adapt it as new evidence and factors present themselves.

All the while, effective leaders are able to remain calm and maintain a sense of perspective. According to Gene Klann, author of the book Crisis Leadership, “During a crisis, your goal is to reduce loss and keep things operating as normal as possible.”  Klann recommends 5 actions to prepare and respond.

You can also click on the link below to access tools and resources on responding to crisis.


3 Ways to Shut Down the COVID-19 Rumor Mill

Advisory Board Blog (5 minutes)

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, it's nearly impossible to avoid the onslaught of updates in the news, online, and in conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. The challenge is discerning between critical updates and the vast amount of misinformation out there.  Here are three ways you can stop (or at least slow) the rumor mill and redirect your team to credible sources:


How To Protect Your Team's Resilience In The Coronavirus Pandemic

Advisory Board Blog with tools (5 minutes)

The simple tool in this blog is designed to help you plan your communication with a moment’s thought about what is going on in the person you are trying to connect with:


Are You Leading Through the Crisis … or Managing the Response?

Harvard Business Review Article (5 minutes)

Replete with both complexity and change, crises require executives to both lead and manage effectively. But more often than not, leaders tend to focus their efforts on management, rather than leadership.The most effective leaders in crises ensure that someone else is managing the present well while focusing their attention on leading beyond the crisis toward a more promising future. The authors identify four traps that most leaders fall into:

1) taking a narrow view

2) getting seduced by managing

3) over-centralizing the response

4) forgetting the human factor

Also, using the link below, you can access online learning on making decisions amid uncertainty.


How to be an emotionally intelligent leader amid COVID-19

Advisory Board Article (5 minutes)

As leaders work tirelessly to meet the many challenging moments that lay ahead, they must do so with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence requires fierce orientation to purpose, self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and compassion. This article outlines four tips leaders can follow as they personally navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can also access online learning on managing strong emotions through crisis using the link below.


Sustaining the Well-Being of Healthcare Personnel during Coronavirus

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress:  Article/Job Aid  (5 minutes)

The extreme stress, uncertainty, and often difficult medical nature of global infectious disease outbreaks, such as Coronavirus (COVID-19), require special attention to the needs of healthcare personnel. Taking care of yourself and encouraging others to practice self-care sustains the ability to care for those in need.  This quick summary from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress outlines some of the challenges and what leaders can do to take care of themselves and their teams.


Grief Leadership During COVID-19

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress: Article (5 minutes)

Understanding people’s reactions to the losses associated with tragic events informs the roles that leaders can play in support of recovery.


73 hospital leaders in 10 states hit hardest by COVID-19 offer advice to leaders

Becker's Hospital Review (10 minutes)

Seventy-three hospital and health system leaders with organizations in the 10 states hardest hit by COVID-19 shared the most critical actions for their colleagues across the U.S. to take in the next weeks as the virus continues its geographic spread. 

They are organized by theme: 

  • Leadership, Communication and Strategy

  • Staffing and Surge Planning

  • Employee Wellbeing, Support and Health

  • Managing Resources (Beds, PPE, Equipment, Supplies)

  • Testing 

  • Collaboration with Healthcare, Community, Government Partners 

  • Technology